Steering Committee

The Project Infinity Steering Committee is comprised of educator representatives of each Project Infinity school. Its directive is to represent, project, and organize our work. It meets 4-6 times a year and membership is reviewed annually.

Current Project Infinity Steering Committee

Inspired Practices in Early Education
Margie Cooper, President

Grant Park Cooperative Preschool
Candace Dupree, Director

St. Anne’s Day School
Kristin Watts, Director
Monica Murray, Administrator

First Baptist Day School
Kathy Stewart, Co-Director of Education Practices
Rosemary New, Co-Director of Education Practices
Dewanda Martin, Director of Operations
Susan Redmond, Pedagogical Support
Pamela Oglesby, Infant Educator

Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool
Jane Montgomery, Director
Patty Randall, Co-Director of Educational Practices

The Nest Nursery School
Kristi Cameron, Co-Founder/Administrative & Pedagogical Coordinator
Mandy Palmer, Co-Founder/Classroom Educator
Kalei Fowkes, Classroom Educator