Steering Committee

The Project Infinity Steering Committee is comprised of educator representatives of each Project Infinity school. Its directive is to represent, project, and organize our work. It meets 4-6 times a year and membership is reviewed annually.

Current Project Infinity Steering Committee

Inspired Practices in Early Education
Margie Cooper, President

Grant Park Cooperative Preschool
Gabriela Garcia, Executive Director/Pedagogista
Candace Dupree, Educator/Pedagogista

St. Anne’s Day School
Kristin Watts, Director
Monica Murray, Administrator
Kathryn Green, 5 to 6-year-olds Educator

First Baptist Day School
Kathy Stewart, Co-Director of Education Practices
Rosemary New, Co-Director of Education Practices
Dewanda Martin, Director of Operations
Susan Redmond, Pedagogical Support
Pamela Oglesby, Infant Educator
Jenny Miller, Auxiliary Educator

Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool
Jane Montgomery, Director
Patty Randall, Co-Director of Educational Practices
Sandy Polly, Co-Director of Educational Practices
Khadijah Tilgner, Educator

The Nest Nursery School
Kristi Cameron, Co-Founder/Administrative & Pedagogical Coordinator
Mandy Palmer, Co-Founder/Classroom Educator
Kalei Fowkes, Classroom Educator