Project Infinity

Project Infinity is a collaborative, longitudinal, action research project involving schools for young children in Atlanta, Georgia, and Greenville, South Carolina. First known as the School Development Project, our work is borne from the presence of The Hundred Languages of Children exhibit in 2000 during the annual conference of the National Association for the Education of Young Children in Atlanta.

Participating schools make three main commitments:

                  • a genuine, school-wide interest in analyzing the experiences and philosophies of Reggio Emilia
                  • an active commitment to the welfare of all schools within the project
                  • an active commitment to the welfare of schools in the wider community

Experiences within the project include ongoing collaboration meetings and exchanges between and within schools, group visits to other schools in the United States, readings, discussions, conversations with visiting professionals, study weeks in Reggio Emilia, and restructuring the way professional time is invested. Schools within Project Infinity actively embrace the struggle of designing experiences integrated within an ongoing action research and systemic professional collaboration mindset.

Building a stronger sense of camaraderie within and between schools has enabled more risk-taking, more openness to disagreement and change, less willingness to accept the status quo, and more willingness among educators to offer unique points of view in an evolving style of collaboration and social construction.

Project Infinity, a name coined by the founding group of schools in the School Development Project, is meant to suggest a style of work that builds forever on itself. Participation in Project Infinity is free of charge to member schools. The costs of the investment are covered through financial and time donations, and fees collected from other initiatives.

Currently, six schools participate in Project Infinity. First Baptist Day School in Greenville, South Carolina (a school that joins the former First Baptist Church Kindergarten and First Baptist Church Infant-Toddler Program), and five schools in Atlanta, Georgia: Grant Park Cooperative Preschool (Grant Park campus), Grant Park Cooperative Preschool (Cabbagetown campus), St. Anne’s Day School, Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool, and The Nest Nursery School. Through these schools, Project Infinity engages with 200 educators who work with more than 1,000 children and their families.

If our reach should exceed our grasp, we hope one day all children experience exceptional early care and education and all area educators and families feel a bond and conviction that our capacity to think in dialogue with one another will always create new avenues for advancing good in education and life.