In 1999, Inspired Practices in Early Education was founded as a grassroots, 501 (c)(3) organization in Atlanta, Georgia. Since its inception, Inspired Practices has created and produced a wide variety of forums for educational exchange among a broad audience. Inspired Practices utilizes the deep exploration of the principles and experiences central to the birth-to-six education project of Reggio Emilia, Italy as its quality framework.

Participants throughout the southeastern region have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of contemporary early childhood education and research, viewed through the lens of Reggio Emilia, Italy, and to engage this understanding to strengthen and improve schools and programs throughout the region.

Our work is built through ideas and actions, and seeks to take advantage of local resources and local style. By endeavoring honestly to give more quality and excellence to education, ours is a search not for permanent solutions or rigid methods, but for positive and advancing actions. We strive to stay connected and in tune with progress, research, and collaboration, and view these connections also as strategies for evolution and the ongoing assessment of our work.