Mosaic of Marks, Words, Material

NAREA in Collaboration with Project Infinity is Pleased to Announce: Encounters with the Mosaic of Marks, Words, Material Exhibition and Atelier

Featuring atelieristi and educators from Project Infinity

First Baptist Day School | 847 Cleveland Street, Greenville, SC 29601

Dates and registration for 2021 to be announced

The exhibition is a collection of works by the children who attend the municipal infant-toddler centers and preschools of Reggio Emilia. Drawing and telling stories means imagining, analyzing, and exploring spaces, forms, colors, words, metaphors, emotions, rhythms and pauses, entering into a narrative dimension that is both internal and external to the self, playing on reality, fiction and interpretations. The new exhibit from Reggio Emilia illustrates the interweaving of drawing and words creating an intelligent and poetic mosaic. The atelier provides educators with opportunities to encounter mark- making materials inspired by the educators in Reggio.

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Encounters with the Exhibit and Atelier

  • Participants of the NAREA 2019 Summer Conference
  • NAREA Summer Conference atelieristi and atelier assistants
  • Project Infinity Atelieristi Group- study
  • Project Infinity Pedagogical Coordinating Team
  • Project Infinity Steering Committee
  • Project Infinity Whole Project Day Educators
  • Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool Collaborative Groups- extended study
  • Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool Studio Team- extended study