1) How do you prepare parents for this philosophy? 
Parents are viewed as participants, not as objects of preparation.  Rather than “telling” parents what is expected of them or what has already been determined, we see parents as an important, active presence for continually re-inventing and re-interpreting our mutual aims of a quality childhood for all children in the school. It is important that parents have a good sense of the style of the school before enrolling, and all families have opportunities for multiple visits to the school prior to enrollment.

Once enrolled, we prefer to include parents in mutual conversations about education, concerns, expectations, suggestions, and insights regarding the ways their children are moving through their period of time in our school.  We value parents’ viewpoints, and aim for transparency in all that is happening in our school and in different classrooms.  Communication and exchange are cornerstones of shared participation, and we offer many different opportunties for gathering with parents ranging from individual family conferences, to classroom meetings, to schoolwide meetings, to occasional projectwide meetings, as well as celebrations and traditions. As educators, we are responsibile for following children’s learning processes and sharing our observations with parents. Above all, we feel a deep priviledge to be a part of the lives of all our families and strive to maintain mutual trust and a positive, substantive relationship.